The CEN DIVERSITY HOTEL & CAFE is the first diversity hotel in Japan based on the main concept of “So many men, so many minds. Respect the way people live and get close to all people, regardless of race, nationality, religion, sexuality”. The hotel name came from the idea using the abbreviation of “Centum” which means "One hundred" in Latin. The hotel with its 44 private rooms and a cafe with an open terrace, isolated from the hustle and bustle of a city, aims to be a hotel that everyone can enjoy in their own way. Upon opening the hotel, we also provide LGBT training to all our staffs in Residence Tokyo. We appointed a designer from the LGBT community for hotel concept making as well as positively recruited foreign staffs or staffs from the LGBT community by attending Job Rainbow event. By accepting the diversity of society that way, we aim to operate a hotel where all of the people can be close to each other, not only a hotel which provides a good service for a minority.

Terrace Roof
Room Reception
Cafe Cafe
An Interview of Residence Tokyo Representative Nozaka was published on NewsJobRainbow!
What is the feeling put into the name CEN DIVERSITY HOTEL & CAFE?
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